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The Arab Liberation Movement: The Crucial Formative Years PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 18 December 2011 10:57

Table of content:

Initial formation

The Palestinian National Resistance

The Crucial Formative Years

The Arab Movement & the Palestinian Resistance

The Arabs & World War I

Some Key persons in the Syrian Scientific Society formed in 1847: Nassif Al-Yazigi a Lebanese Christian intellectual, was to become one of the leaders of Arab nationalism after 1866; Nofal Nofal; Butrus Al-Bustani;

Other leading figures in the Arab liberation movement  Abdul Rahman Al-Kawakibi , he wrote two major works: Taba'a Al-Istibdad & Um Al-Kura.

The influence of competing Islam under Ottoman rule with Arabian definition of Arab nationalism was given by Mohammed Izzat Darwazih.

A prediction of Arab's continuous struggle to survive (note) was illustrated in Al-Kamal newspaper 1913: "should we allow the zionists to revive their nationalism at the expense of our nationalism? Have we agreed upon selling them our land piece by piece until they expel us from our land in groups and on individual basis?"

Editor's note: to understand the present turbulence denoted "arab spring" refer to the historical analysis below where Al-yaqzah "awakening" is still the crucial issue since the creation of the Syrian Scientific Society in 1847.

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