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A Daily Struggle of a Syrian Youth PDF Print E-mail
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Written by M.H.   
Friday, 12 October 2012 07:40

dear reader (wherever you are, whomever you may be),

I'm a Syrian 25 years old, living a daily life full of disappointment. Threatened to die or be assassinated by anyone on my way to work, university or a love date. I rely too much on a light that was given to me by and idea, a mere belief or something vague going on in my Orphaned land that's full of bloodshed and souls roaming in between two worlds wondering who slit their throats or abandoned them in this hell.

I want you, dear reader, to realize that almost all my dreams of going to the end of earth are fading away, and I am just a nice girl. I might be your daughter, sister, fiance or just a beloved. I can't count the days that I spent crying at night, thinking that this night might be my last or the end of all my pinky dreams. I would like you to know that some other girls don't have a bed to sleep in at the cold night. That their beautiful ambitions are murdered for politics and conspiracies. 

Reader, Oh brave Reader. You must know that the world is sick, and it's a problem without salvation as it is. My love, life, dreams and days are fading away. I wish I can see peace of mind in the middle of all what's going on around me, for I am just a human looking for the next breakthrough that could end the deaths and the funerals I'm seeing everyday..

My words may trigger a tear in your sweet loving eyes, and then rest of your day you may spend normally. But I want you to know that another soul, just like yours is suffering on the other side of this long never ending geographical dimension. This soul is screaming inside but no one can hear its call..
This call is a call to awake, it needs you my fellow human, my fellow man, woman, teenager, child.. all of you are needed for this cry, this faded scream...

I may conclude my cry to the brave light with a smile or a tear. But my beloved reader I need you to know that I tattooed myself as an OrwarriOr (Warrior of Light), a concept i decided to imitate in these dark days, where no can see the real light of love, peace and innocence. And I am proud of who I am, of what i represent and what I'm calling for.

It's a battle between the light and darkness that's killing us everyday, but hope still lies there, just in my own bare hand. I'm sickened and weakened, I hope you hear my words and understand them fully, for they are my dove of peace that's struggling to fly away to spread peace everywhere it goes.

Yours sincerely,
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