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Written by M.H   
Friday, 16 November 2012 16:51
As I'm not a political or humanitarian activist of any kind, my aim and target is to move only what's left in the hearts or tiny feelings that are left in each human soul out there.

In my beloved Syria, specifically Damascus, all what we Syrians can say is DESTRUCTION AND FILTH MIXED WITH REVENGE...
Unfortunately this is how it is here, me reciting a short story that almost got me killed is the reason why I want the world to stop lying:

As I went to a destructed area in the Damascus Suburbs (I'd rather not mention the names) to deliver some winter clothes for those who lost their homes and all their belongings, and as I feel responsible to tell what I saw and heard. I will start this with saying, snipers almost shot me and they had the orders to do it even though I contacted their leader, who simply said "If you wish to go further I'm not responsible for the snipers"....... and here comes the question: Is what I was doing really is a criminal act of any sort?? doesn't matter what anyone may answer, but OF COURSE IT'S NOT... because I cared about the poor and homeless, I almost got shot, in cold blood by someone who lost all what's left of feelings inside of him for a reason or someone just sitting carelessly in a big castle, ignoring or just blinded about whatever it is that's happening on the real battle ground..

Oh how sorry I felt for those poor men, in their great youth and amazing times of their lives and are just sitting there following horrible orders of spreading their bullets on anything they lay their sights on!

My 97 grandmother had her house furniture all torn apart and vengefully broken into pieces, and half of her old Ottoman antiques and belongs were stolen and the door of her beloved house is wide open, and no one dares to check it or enter it. My uncle's building received a nice gift that melted his house walls to the ground along with everything inside it, and now the whole family is homeless, bankrupt, and most importantly lost all their memories and belongings along with their home!
Another cousin, got her house burned along with the building. As for another cousin of mine, his house is an opened balcony facing a beautiful bloody tank threatening to put what's left of the building down...

What more destruction should I tell or mention now? As I saw what's written on the destroyed buildings in the suburbs, or to be more accurate what's left of the poor scattered homes the statement and full testament (WE PASSED BY HERE)!!...I would simply say Who did really pass by here? War heroes? Murderers? Or simply the followers of a fake doll?
And are they really claiming that they are warriors of peace? As contradictory as it may sound: Warrior and Peace, how can they war for peace?... Yes they do call themselves Warriors of Peace, Love and Order!!!!!

Is this how they spread peace and order? Do the rest of the people need to stay awake for nights and nights out there in the cold suffering from the terrors of the sounds and lack of food and shelter?

If this is the only way, I may simply curse powers, control and all the fake faces of the so called order and resistance.

I conclude.... Don't believe what you see on the news, media, TV or any other source of information you may encounter on your daily lives Dear Readers... They are playing a dirty game on all of us, and our souls are just pawns, nothing more. It's time about time we wake up and see the full truth of sufferings and the lost hopes of millions in the Holy Middle East..
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