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The myth of the syrian conflict PDF Print E-mail
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Written by M.H.   
Saturday, 25 May 2013 13:44
Dear reader, you may agree or disagree, get your heart aching for the duration of reading or not, but I hope you feel the words and excuse my poetic approach …. 

There was a legendary city, far away from where we are now in time.. magical like a vivid illusion, beautiful by all means. Her name will forever remain the same        “ Damascus”. It’s a city where far old history played the greatest role in all its antiques and faces of its residents,  known for her greatest queens and kingdoms. Which are now all sold to criminals and are replaced by weapons and murderers. It could be the only place in the world where you may witness a Christian church situated in the back of an old Muslim mosque near the ruins of a historical synagogue. Which are now all destroyed along with everyone prayed inside them for mere hunger for more corpses.

Going out of the center of the city Damascus, to the full Syrian picture… children are crying everywhere, women are scared to even ask what’s next! And men are fighting in all fronts like drunkards pushing away their illusions.

Many testified the friendship and care of the Syrian people, but let’s dig deep inside the friendship ties and the usual conferences for the poor people’s causes.. have we ever heard of anything related to humanity in the Middle east? The controllers of our fates are booking tickets, and sleeping in the fancy hotels while they pay our lives to hell…

Only in Syria, it was once the proper time to go back home is 12:00 or way after midnight.. now you should save what’s left of you before sunset.

Only in Syria, you could buy all your needs with the less cash you can possibly earn, and it was available for all at all times… now you can barely survive a couple of days with what you have saved over the last years..

You can move if you  don’t feel well at the moment, if your house is destroyed, if your child was kidnapped or your jobless, but who will ever accept your passport? Zero, none… you are Syrian my dear, you have no hope or wishes come true legacies anymore…

We are sorry for our humanity rates are going down to hell, and we are all heading down with them… this is all what the world’s actions can imply to us today…

The myth  of Syria stays the same, hard to solve as the maze of the Iraqi cause mixed with the Afghanistanian style, with a little bit of the Jerusalem ingredients… following the quote of Paul Valery:

War: a massacre of people who don't know each other for the profit of people who know each other but don't massacre each other.

And I end words with a better quote, as hippie as it may sound! I can see it’s our only hope to cure our souls before we start course correcting our past and future.. but it’s all what I wish for the world to realize and practice:” A vision of a better life, where music drowns the toy gun’s fire” in the memory of the Christmas truce of 1914…   
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