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Written by Noha Khalaf-Sahar Abdulla   
Monday, 16 November 2015 10:31
LAMIA CŒUR DE PARIS                                                  


LAMIA cœur de Paris

LAMIA fleur de Paris

LAMIA sourire de la vie

LAMIA beauté

LAMIA bonté

Sur chaque dalle

Sur chaque pierre

Dans chaque coin

 Du Boul  Voltaire

On grave ton nom.

Sur  chaque vitrine

Dans chaque miroir

Le vif  reflet de ton  regard.

LAMIA joyeuse

LAMIA pressée

Parfum de rose

Et rouge foncé

Bas de soie

Et jupe plissée

Chemise  en voile

Cheveux tressés

Des yeux de biche

Le teint halé

LAMIA super

LAMIA aimée

LAMIA retrouve


Sur la terrasse d’un café


LAMIA l’enlace

ROMAIN l’embrasse

Sur fond de musique

Ils vont trinquer

Pour l’ amour

La liberté.



Le 15 Novembre  2015


Fear is everywhere 


Fear is everywhere as oxygen hence no sense of safety or security can be maintained ..people can't sleep properly with guns under their pillows with locked door  and scared hearts..
Through history human kind greed never get saturated or satisfied toward wealth and power yet they demand to invade space ohhhhh for animals sake don't sicken me with those strategic thinking or big visions 
tell me what human kind did to end Africa starvation 
What was done to original inhabitants in Australia and Americas
What was done to develop the middle east countries truly and fundamentally 
What will this century generation are to leave legacy
Oil and gas boost! Look at Iraq
Thousands years of human civilizations
Ended in chaos 
For what ?
I don't believe in templates and that applies to democracy hence I never believed in USA mission to help on democratizing Iraq or Afghanistan actually numbers released by American and other western organizations shows in figures that welfare was way better off during saddam Hussein time ,was he a good man oh God of course not but what can you do when the alternatives are worse ?
Same assumption applies to most of Arab states who suffered enough under long  term dictatorship    
Ironically most of these dictators if not all of them were and some of them still supported by the USA and the west. How come?
USA supports Saudi the country produced usama bin laden one would argue he was  a CIA agent or puppet no difference really  they killed him as " out of date product".
The world is sickened and poisoned by fear and peace are the cure not weapons and wars...  
When powerful men get this ...surely will be too late.
Sahar Abdulla


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