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Written by Amin ELSALEH   
Saturday, 09 September 2017 14:32


EURODRAM - LISBON GA 21-24 September 2017

We submitted this year to English and French committees our selection of five translations of Arab Plays:

1) I AM FREE from the Palestinian author by Valentina ABU OQSA submitted to the English Committee, we didn’t receive till now a feedback,

2) THE KEY from the Iraqi author Yousef Al-Ani, submission delayed until we receive delivery notification  for I AM FREE,

3) Syrian Monologues by the Palestinian author Iman Aoun submitted to the French committee, doesn’t figure among the 3 plays selection,

4) ISMI EZZEDINE by Amin Elsaleh submitted to the French Committee, it has not been submitted to the Committee readers by the French coordinator, this should be done in 2019,

5) PARCOURS DANS L’OMBRE by the Egyptian author Nagah Abdelnour submitted to the French Committee, unfortunately it has not been selected by the French committee.

We received for the first time an Arabic translation of a French play “La vallée des pommes” by Marie Pierre Cattinot;

A partial representation of my French Opera “La Justice des immortels” has been performed at theatre Menilmontant 23rd april 2017;

The Syrian writer Hind Obeidin submitted to arab committee a revised version of my Arab play “The Putchist” written in 1969;

Finally we received early this year a play from Anwar Abdul Moughith “Blind people Dinner” and we are looking for a translator from Arabic to French or to English.


Iman Aoun

Sarah Shaaraoui

Marguerite Gavillet Matar

Fadwa Soleiman (bids farewell this month)

Ghada Gasser

Sumaya Alattia

Razan AlAzzeh

Arab Committee Culture Sub-programme

I- Objectives:


Ø Promoting the transnational mobility of artists and professionals with a view to enabling them to cooperate internationally and to internationalise their careers and activities in the Union and beyond.

We understood that CREATIVE EUROPE scope is to stimulate theatre creativity as long as our organisation EURODRAM is concerned and in particular Arab Committee branch which through its partner[1],

  1. Arab plays shall be performed in their original language or translated into FR or EN;
  2. Develop a European activity and Mediterranean one based on cultural heritage rich with its ethnical diversity both multi-lingual and multi-identity.[2]
  3. Translate and perform some selections in another European country than the one who produced the play;
  4. enable residence for artists and plays representation in hosting countries;
  5. Strengthening audience development as a means of stimulating interest in and improving access to European cultural and creative works and tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
  6. Fostering creativity, innovative approaches to creation, and new ways of ensuring spill over effects to other sectors.
  7. Providing financial facilities to improve the experience of stage directors by exchanging their know-how and promoting innovative ways with audiences both to retain them, to build new audiences, diversify audiences;

II- Current activities of Arab Committee

1- Publish original plays with their translation in FR or EN or both beyond the three selected plays within EURODRAM scheduled activity for 2016; last play was THE KEY from the Iraqi author Yousef Al-Ani.

2- Establishing synergy between EURODRAM members and Arab Committee by offering the possibility of discovering Arab writers through their translated texts and disseminating their works in European countries, translating some of them to other European languages and ending with producing them by some interested theatres.

3- Stimulating interest in Arab committee actions

Preparing for next EURODRAM meeting a symposium with the original idea of:

“Theatre is instrument for reconciliation between opposite identities”.


Theatre as a mirror of the society reflects antagonisms but whatever is its political message its role should be oriented towards reconciliation.

What could be the nature of opposite identities: Religious, ethnics, cultural?


EURODRAM current meeting in Lisbon should develop this idea by “creating new models that contribute to the empowerment of people and the affirmation of cultures that cohabit the same territory or share the same language”.


1) We created a dedicated Facebook page where events, author’s work evaluation and related artworks are described

2) we added Drama Arab authors within the Folder “écrivains arabes: arab writers” created since 2009 to promote in particular Arab cultural activities see the link:

3) In 2015 we started promoting some studies about Arab Drama and other cultural, scientific topics, within the educational website: through  a dedicated link addressing academic research:

September 2017

Amin Elsaleh


[1] Due to non-finalized discussion yet, we cannot disclose the name of our partner

[2] The Theatre in question is developing through a smaller scale such ambitious activity since many years.

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