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Written by Salam Kawakibi   
Friday, 12 November 2010 12:07
Security Sector Reform in the Arab World and Comparative Examples

ARI presented at the meeting an analysis of the role of external actors (namely the U.S., France, and the U.K.) in the creation, equipping, and training of security sectors in the Arab world in the post-independence period, and the impact of this in the conceptualization of security in the region. The presentations demonstrated that this external intervention has resulted in a conception of security strongly oriented towards internal stability and the protection of external interests. Researchers also examined the “Securo-cracies” of Sudan and Yemen, two countries suffering from internal disintegration and transformed into archetypal security institutions, leaving behind all other elements of modern states. ARI presented as well a study on the privatization of the security sector, a phenomenon occurring in different forms in several countries and which demonstrates a neo-liberal vision of the redistribution of state duties within the framework of socio-eco changes that the region is traversing. Finally, the global relationship between gender and the security sector was addressed.

The discussions between the Arab and Latin American participants led to rich comparisons between two culturally different regions that have both experienced authoritarianism. In addition, the link between the judicial system and the instruments of security was debated, with light shed on the Latin American experience of a regional, cross-border judicial system. The participants at the meeting considered the comparative examples very important in finding the most suitable framework for security sector reform in the Arab world that can be proposed at the end of the project.

ARI will publish all studies conducted under the project in English and Arabic on its website as well as in a forthcoming edited volume.

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