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Written by Nadia Nashawi   
Friday, 19 November 2010 11:42
some jokes were saved for three months should be released now;
some words comes from the heart and through live I believe it should be shared with my friends:
                                 LIVE  life passionately
                            LAUGH  out loud
                            LOVE  unconditionally.  
best regards,
            1-A soldier ran up to a nun out of breath,he asked:
                'please,may i hide under your skirt,I'll explain later.'
            the nun agreed.A moment later two military police ran up and asked,sister have you seen a soldier?the nun replied:
            'he went that way'.after the MP ranoff,the soldier crawled out from under her skirt and said:
                "I can't thank you enough,sister,you see i don't want to go to Iraq.....
            the nun said:I understand completly;
            the soldier added,I hope i'm not rude,but you have a great pair of legs!
            the nun replied:
            if you had looked a little higher,you would have seen a great pair of balls............I don't want to go to Iraq either!
         2-HUSBAND and WIFE.
                               husband and wife-why divorce?
            In a divorce court a woman requested the judge:
            your honor,I want to divorce my husband,
            But why?asked the judge......
            she replied:because he is not faithful to me,
            the judge asked:how do you know?
            she replied:
                            MY LORD,NOT A SINGLE CHILD RESEMBLES HIM!
           3-Dad,I was away for a week.Yesterday,I sent a fax to my wife,I'd be home that night,and when i got into my room,
              I found my wife in another man's arms?
              why Dad?tell me why?
              Dad kept silent for a few minutes,then coolly said:
                            MAY BE,SON,SHE DIDN'T GET THE FAX!
          4-Husband and wife-Love to do.
             A wife,one evening,drew her husband attention to the couple next door and said:
                    do you see that couple?how devoted they are?he kisses her every time they meet,why don't you do that?
             I would love to,he replied,BUT I DON"T KNOW HER WELL ENOUGH!
         5-Husband and wife-Problem father.
                   You looked troubled,I told my friend ?what's your problem?
                    he replied:I'm going to be a father ?
                   but that's wonderful! i said,
                   WHAT"S WONDERFUL?MY WIFE DOESN'tT KNOW ABOUT IT YET!!!!!!!!!!
                         One day my housework challenged, husband decided to wash his sweatshirt.Seconds after he stepped
                  into the laundry room,he shouted to me:
                  what setting do I use on the washing machine?
                  It depends,I replied!what does it say on your shirt?
                  he yelled back: OHIO STATE!
          7-Husband and wife-come home late.
                     A woman was complaining to the neighbour that her husband always came home late,nomatter how she tried
              to stop him.
                     take my advice,said the neigbour,and do what I did.Once my husband came home at 3o'clock in the morning,and
                     from my bed,I called out:
                     Is that you Jim? and that cured him!
                     Cured him I asked the woman?but how?
                    the neighbour said:
                                 YOU SEE,HIS NAME IS BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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