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Written by Joumana Al-Jabri   
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 10:38

Palestine Story 5: Ramzi Abu Redwan, Al Kamandjati, Youssef Abu Eid

Palestine Story 5: Ramzi Abu Redwan, Al Kamandjati, Youssef Abu Eid

[design Polypod, text Alice Howick Al-Kamandjati, Photo Joumana al Jabri TEDxRamallah; first featured in Hibr October issue]

-- Music is the most important thing in my life. It gives me a feeling of freedom.' And where Youssef Abu Eid, 12, lives, freedom is hard to find. Shatila refugee camp houses over 12,000 people in one square kilometer. In a place where it is difficult to escape from others, Youssef's weekly violin lessons give him something else to concentrate on. 'My violin is not just a friendit is my best friend. --


Ramzi Aburedwan, a musician and composer from Al Am'ari camp (مخيم الأمعري) in Ramallah, has become a symbol of hope for children in Palestinian refugee camps. From an active participant in the first intifada (1987-1992) as a nine year old child, to a musician and founder of a music school, he speaks about the need for children to have creative outlets of expression. Ramzi pursued his music education in France through a grant he was awarded after having participated in a series of music workshops that he fell upon by stroke of destiny. His return to Palestine was with a goal, to actively participate in providing opportunities to children that he did not have growing up. The Kamanjati center was set up with now over 500 students flocking in to get their music education for free, but the education does not stop there. Music teaching and instruments are facilitated to children who may not be able to reach the physical space in Ramallah through a program of outreach to cities, villages and refugee camps in and out of Palestine. The program has been running for the past two years in two Palestinian camps in Lebanon. Burj el Barajne and Shatila camps have provided that education outlet, the first of its kind in camps in Lebanon, through a partnership with Beit Atfal Assoumoud. ٍRamzi's contribution to music and society does not stop there. While in France, he actively worked to bridge between local and Palestinian initiatives and organizations. A product of one such collaboration is a Palestinian-French music group named Dal'ounaa. Al Kamanjati was the first music school to be set up in Palestine and has brought to light young talents in various music areas while perpetuating other initiatives in the field in Palestine.

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