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Written by Ami Sedghi   
Saturday, 19 March 2011 17:56

Japan is racing to gain control of the crisis of at the Fukushima nuclear power plan. Where does the most detailed data come from? Updated daily
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Inside the Fukushima nuclear plant. Click image for graphic  Inside the Fukushima nuclear plant by Friday. Click image for graphic

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and following tsunami last week has seen Japan struggle as it battles to control the nuclear meltdown of power plants in the north-east of the country.

Fukushima nuclear power plant in particular has been closely scrutinised as reports flow in on the progress of the plant - Japan's nuclear board raised the nuclear alert level from four to five today. Explosions and reports of nuclear fuel rods melting at the power plant have meant progress on the situation has been closely followed.

Industry body the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum are currently publishing daily updates of the status of power plants in Fukushima which give great detail into the condition of each reactor. Ranked from a level of low to severe, the update records the conditions of core and fuel integrity, water level and containment amongst other key information. These are some of the most in-depth and recent records and show how the crisis is being handled.

The table below shows the status of the reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi (the largest of the Fukushima power plants) and is colour coded to show the severity. Green for low, yellow represents high and red shows those of severe significance as judged by the JAIF. We have used JAIF's update 13 as this is the most up to the minute data we can get.

A table of major incidents and accidents at the plants can be found in our spreadsheet as can the data for Daini, Onagawa and Tokai Daini Nuclear power stations. What can you do with this data?

Data summary

Fukushima nuclear power plant update - 19th March 2011

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Electric / Thermal Power output (MW) 460 / 1380 784 / 2381 1100 /3293      
Type of Reactor BWR-3 BWR-4 BWR-4 BWR-4 BWR-4 BWR-5
Operation Status at the earthquake occurred In Service -> Shut - down In Service -> Shut - down In Service -> Shut - down Outage Outage Outage
Core and Fuel Integrity Dama - ged Dama - ged Dama - ged No fuel rods Not Dama - ged Not Dama - ged
Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity Un- known Un- known Un- known      
Containment Vessel Integrity Not Dama - ged Damage Suspected Might be "Not Dama - ged" Not Dama - ged Not Dama - ged Not Dama - ged
Core cooling requiring AC power Not Funct - ional Not Funct - ional Not Funct - ional N/A N/A N/A
Core cooling not requiring AC power Not Funct - ional Not Funct - ional Not Funct - ional N/A N/A N/A
Building Integrity Severely Dama - ged Slightly Dama - ged Severely Dama - ged Severely Dama - ged Not Dama - ged Not Dama - ged
Water Level of the Rector Pressure Vessel Fuel exposed Fuel exposed Fuel exposed Safe Safe Safe
Pressure of the Reactor Pressure Vessel Stable Un- known Stable Safe Safe Safe
Containment Vessel Pressure Un- known Low Low Safe Safe Safe
Water injection to core Cont. (Seawater) Cont. (Sea water) Cont. (Sea water) N/A N/A N/A
Water injection to Containment Vessel (AM) Cont. (Seawater) TBC (Sea water) Cont. (Sea water) N/A N/A N/A
Containment venting (AM) Temp stopped Temp stopped Temp stopped N/A N/A N/A
Fuel Integrity in the spent fuel pool Water injection to be considered (No info ) Water level low. Water Injection continue Water level low, Prep - aring Water Injection. Hydrogen from the pool exposed Pool Temp. high but going down Pool Temp. Incr- easing
INES LEVEL (est by NISA) 5 5 5 3 - -

Download the data

DATA: download the full spreadsheet


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