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Written by Imad Abdullah   
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 13:26
Greetings everyone and thank you for all the contributions you make on behalf of mlf and Syria throughout the world.
This request is to address how to have a Syria that is clean, and offers an approach to remove the incredible amount of trash on the sidewalks and streets, and along highways.
The current situation is beyond acceptance for any society with a measure of civilization.
The solution is to have every property owner responsible for cleaning the stretch of sidewalk in front of his property and the street gutter along it. Shop owners will have to clean in front of their shops, and residential buildings are responsible to clean the length of their building.
Property owners along highways would have the responsibility for their property, and the municipalities will assume the responsibility for the highways.
Drivers, whether for taxi or bus or private, will be held accountable for any trash thrown from their car whether by them or any other passenger.
This requires an enforceable mechanism, possibly a law that requires specific fines after 3 months from the date it takes effect. A large informative campaign in all media would be necessary.
This approach will place a responsibility on the citizen, who in turn will begin to enforce the concept on his family, friends, clients, and the whole neighborhood.
Collectively, and if we adopt this measure, we may have the moral grounds to effect government officials to undertake action to save the country and to rehabilitate the bad element of the public responsible for the trash.
Would appreciate everyone's comments. Please note that in the US, people are responsible for maintaining the grass and shrubs in the public right of way along their properties.


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Amen to that. I was amazed last Sunday to hear Ted Turner, the Billionaire saying that he went on Saturday evening to clean the TRASH around the block of his apt. in New York City as a contribution to the Society. This was on on ABC interview. WOW  

Ghassan Abdullah
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