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Keep Austin Weird PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Nadia NASHAWI   
Monday, 16 August 2010 23:52

"Keep Austin weird"
Dear friends
In accordance with Nicolas Chahine's Joke about Austinistes(people of Austin),there is a fact behind to tell.
You may have seen t-shirts and hats that read "Keep Austin Weird" or keep Dallas"pretentious' and now keep Houston"Rich".
A slogan it  sound like fun,it would be great if the city adopted it as its official slogan,it would be fantastic,I think.
How did the slogan"keep Austin Weird" originate?
The slogan was adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small businesses in Austin,TX.The phase arose from an offhand remark by Red WASSENICH(a librarian at Austin Community College) in a phone call to a local  radio station.
He and his wife Karen PAVELKA,placed the logan on bumper stickers,distributing them free to businesses in Austin.
This isn't about being odd or different,its about shopping local business,Red was just worried that the city he loved was becoming over-commercialized,over-materialistic;he and his wife wanted to remind Austinites that some of the best qualities of their fan city were quickly disappearing.
" Keep Austin weird " reminded people,that they should actively do something to maintain the city's'  Unique cultural qualities'

 it was a perfect logical application of the slogan!
In my estimation,the people and the music in Austin are the main reason that has become(and remainded) SO WEIRD,
the rise of REDNECK and the 1970s Cosmic Cowboy scene ,certainly played a role in Austin.
The city is still Weird,the people are still cool,and the soul is still worth saving.

Nadia Nashawi,

Austin,TX.         .

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