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Written by Hannah Taieb   
Friday, 28 January 2011 15:07

Message du 28/01/11 13:41
  De : "Hannah Taieb"

Dear friends and colleagues,

Just wanted to pass on the following message transmitted by a friend in Cairo.
Hannah Taieb
  Tomorrow the Egyptian people are planning to take to the streets to protest against the repressive, corrupt government of Hosni Mubarak, in numbers far greater than we saw on Tuesday.   The government seems to be pulling out the stops to prevent this.

We've been getting phone calls from Egyptian activists that we work with in the past 90 minutes saying the following:
The internet went down entirely in Egypt roughly an hour ago, 12:30 am Egypt time - first all access to the internet via computers, then also via cell phones (they could initially access the internet via cell phone after computers were not working).
1-2 hrs prior to that, all SMS text messaging went down.
currently, we're being told that large numbers of plainsclothes police officers and security
 officers are going through the streets covering parked cars with gasoline.  The activists expect that the govt plans to light all the cars on fire, claim that the protesters were burning everything, and use that as a pretext to use severe violence to repress the protests, and eliminating all means for the people to relay the truth out of the country.
  they are being told by sources within the regime that very large groups of govt-organized thugs, calling themselves "ikhwan al-Haq" [a group never heard of, roughly translated as "brotherhood of truth"], are going to be in the streets with knives, swords, spraying acid, etc..., attacking and killing protesters in the streets tomorrow; they don't know whether this may be deliberately and falsely leaked to discourage demonstrators; but they do see evidence that these groups are being organized.  they may also claim that these violent groups are the demonstrators as a pretext to use violence
 on the real demonstrators.
  they are all expecting all mobile phone service to go down shortly
They are asking us to help spread the word on all of this information.

  Please pass this along to anyone interested.

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