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Critical Dialogue between Divergent Intellectual Currents: The Experience of the Arab Region PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Salam Kawakibi   
Monday, 14 February 2011 16:51

The paper “What can we learn from coalition-building experiences?” is the first of a series focusing on the dialogue between disparate ideological groups in the Arab world and measuring the extent to which they can work together. Opposition groups in the Arab world might not have anything in common, but one important goal: end the repression they live with. Leftists, liberals and Islamists have come to realise that they can be more effective working together. However, building alliances across political affiliations is a challenging endeavour and has been confronted to various difficulties: is the common denominator too small, the distrust between them too great, the regimes in power too good at “dividing and ruling”? Over a period of two years, the Arab Reform Initiative has brought together leading Islamist, nationalist, leftist and liberal thinkers and representatives to analyse the lessons learned of coalitions in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, and Yemen. The discussions took place before the recent changes in the region, but are all the more relevant for cases like Tunisia where opposition groups have now been propelled onto the centre-stage of political change. 



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